RR 409

Where fitted cabinets previously ruled the roost, the RR 409 mobile shelving now saves an enormous amount of space at a high level of convenience. For, like a tailor-made suit, its attractive exterior can easily be adapted to match the style of its surroundings. This feature makes it an integral part of any modern, customised office interior concept. And members of staff can look forward to convenient, same-level access, without having to detour to the basement.
Compared to stationary shelving systems, the RR 409 offers almost twice the storage capacity. All shelf units can be joined to a single compact and closed unit. The RR 409 gives its users the possibility to only open the aisle that needs to be accessed. This saves up to 50% of space.


Flexibility all the way: The clear inner bay widths allow width adjustments of complete shelf axes ranging from 740 to 1,260 mm. Standard heights are 2,065, 2,365, 2,665, 3,015 mm.



Convenient operation regarding shelving systems of up to 2,000 kg weight per unit.

Star wheel

Shelf units weighting up to 4,500 kg can be moved using only one finger.

Electric drive

Compulsory for shelving systems with a weight of more than 5,000 kg per unit. Optionally intelligent and programmable with lots of useful features.
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