elegant move

elegant move is a space-saving mobile shelving system, specifically designed for office applications. Its attractive appearance alone gives it a ‘front-of-house’ look. A shelving system that is like a piece of furniture. It dovetails perfectly with any interior furnishing concept. Installing elegant move means that archive facilities and storerooms are no longer located in the basement, but close to where people work. That saves long detours, time and money.
elegant move offers an extraordinarily wide range of design options. The choice of front panel finishes ranges from wood laminates via perforated metal to freestyle transparency designs. Any individual colour concept can be actioned. Practically all design requirements can be met. As one would expect of a premium item of modern office furniture.


Shelving platform with a straight edge.

Especially space-saving. Transportable without leaving any traces.

Shelving platform with a chamfered edge.

Barrier-free access. Transportable without leaving any traces.

Cloakroom rail

Saves office space: the in-shelving coat rack

The classic:

Binder shelves

Suspended filing equipment

Compatible with Leitz/Elba, Zippel…

Drawers with dividers

Ideal for small items, individual partitioning possible.
Any typical shelving equipment is available as an accessory, including suspended filing.

Different modes

elegant move is available in a choice of three different powered modes: handrail, handwheel or state-of-the-art electric drive. All three powered modes are extremely easy to operate. If the shelving units are positioned ‘en bloc’, the contents are shielded from the impact of dust and light.



Electric drive

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