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Typical situation in magazines: Thousands of books are stored in narrow space. Extremely space-savingly stored and clearly arranged in the BRR mobile shelving system. Mobile shelf units together form a compact block without passable gaps. Only the aisle that needs to be accessed is being opened. This saves space and provides almost 100% more storage space.
Despite being stored in narrow space, good books often need enough air to breathe. The BRR mobile shelving system offers the best conditions for this. The secret lies within its open mullion construction and its waiver of closed sidewalls. This makes it possible for the books to sit comfortably on the shelves. Additional soft pedestals provide a high degree of stability between the carriages and construction.


Thanks to its open mullion construction, books sit comfortably on the shelves of the BRR mobile shelving system. The BRR is available in four shelf depths, and comes in the standard heights of 2,065 and 2,365 mm and bay widths of either 750 or 1,000 mm.

Stationary Shelving

Space lost! Stationary shelves use up a lot of space in magazines, as they require many aisles.

Mobile Shelving

Space gained! The BRR mobile shelving system only requires one aisle.

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