Law firm Sagel-Will / Weskamp

The law firm Sagel-Will / Weskamp, located in Bad Driburg, chose the premium system element.x as well as the workplace system varitos.c. The element.x cubes were transformed into an elegant reception counter – partially turned by 180 degrees. A complemented filing cabinet provides additional storage space.
The conference rooms were equipped with element.x combinations, consisting of sliding door cabinets and open shelving elements. The waiting area was furnished with flexible single cubes that, if required, can be put together at any time. The cubes offer a lot of storage space for information leaflets and industry magazines.
Due to the cooperation between the two lawyers, the corporate design colours blue lilac RAL 4005 and sapphire blue RAL 5003 were also blended to create an individual, but consistent look. In her personal office, Mrs Sagel-Will chose to combine her CI colour blue lilac with pure white RAL 9010.
Mr Weskamp-Lorenz chose his CI colour sapphire blue for his wall-mounted element.x lowboard. The combination can also be found as a bicoloured version in the public areas of the law practice.
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