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2,200 stand/sit workplaces for ADAC
varitos.c Arbeitsplätze
mauser’s varitos.c workplace system won first place in the ADAC tender. The stand/sit version is part of a particularly ergonomic, employee-friendly office concept in the premises in Munich. mauser equipped open-plan offices and cockpits with new furniture.
The ‘no-frills’ design, suitability for daily use, ergonomic quality as well as the perfect implementation of specific customer requirements were factors for the success. For example, the criterion ‘suitable for daily use’ was met by the extreme stability of the steel frame and its columns and beams that are flatly and strongly screwed together.
The electromotive height adjustment offers optimum ergonomics for every height. It ranges from 650 – 1250mm, works very fast and is equipped with an additional collision guard sensor. The clear telescopic columns of the desk without any unnecessary gradations are also very elegant.
With its high adaptability and intelligent features, varitos.c offers even more advantages for the user: The custom-made net box grants the IT department separate access rights – by having a second net box that is securely sealed by a cap and exclusively reserved for the IT department.
The cantilevers are individually adapted to the ADAC office design, which accommodate a complementary freestanding luminaire that is integrated functionally and optically in the workplace. This is space saving and aesthetic.
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