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Team players are more successful than mavericks. Therefore, many offices are designed as open space offices. Short distances make communication easier and increase work performance. However, an undisturbed working environment is also very important. Intelligent office furniture systems allow both and demonstrate a unified and modern design. In addition, storage systems and more storage levels provide a high degree of space efficiency.
The arcos and varitos.c desking systems are perfect for the use in open-plan offices, thanks to their formal openness. The desks can easily be extended by using a wide variety of add-on and linking elements to meet all requirements. The product lines kontoro, sistemare and line complete the interior furnishings: integrated or freestanding acoustic elements and storage systems with acoustically absorptive fronts that absorb distracting noises. Pull-out workstation side filers and containers with intelligent features offer storage space directly at the workplace.
element.x designs and structures open space as a customised room divider. The compact elegant move mobile shelving system with a ‘front-of-house’ look brings archive facilities to office floors. Short distances, maximum storage space.
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