mauser Tonnentisch

Return of a Design Classic

The mauser round barrel executive desk ‘Tonnentisch’ as a strictly limited redesign.
In the 1950s, mauser achieved great success with their round-shaped furniture. During the years of economic success of the still young Federal Republic of Germany, the mauser round barrel executive desk ‘Tonnentisch’ could be found on many executive floors of upcoming companies, administrations and surgeries. Nowadays, this design classic can be found in museums, with desks in good condition achieving high selling prices.

Now it is time for the round barrel executive desk ‘Tonnentisch’, a much sought-after collector’s piece and design classic, to once more return to the big stage of design furniture for a limited time only. Numbered and limited to 50 pieces, it comes with a lifelong guarantee, with the delivery and handover being celebrated and documented as a special occasion.

The redesign of the round barrel executive desk ‘Tonnentisch’ is crafted in manufacture. Upon request, it can even be personalised. An engraved plate, showing the limited edition number as well as the personal initials of its owner, is embedded into the left upper drawer.

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