The Brand mauser

Our passion: intelligent furniture

With more than 100 years of experience, German manufacturer mauser einrichtungssysteme offers complete equipment solutions using intelligent furniture systems for:

  • Offices and administrative areas, conference and meeting rooms
  • Surgeries and chambers, warehouses and factories
  • Archives, museums and libraries
  • Nursing homes and rehabilitation facilities

Steel furniture by mauser contributes to more efficiency, order and comfort. mauser’s high quality standard guarantees the longevity and durability of all its products.

Steel furniture is extremely durable and stable – it offers many advantages, including extraordinary design possibilities and 100% recyclability.

About Steel

Steel furniture…

  • Offers extraordinary design possibilities, such as slim lines and elegant shapes
  • Stays torsion-free and stable, even after a large number of relocations
  • Is wear-free. From hinges that can’t be ripped out to shelves that don’t sag
  • Is easy to clean and to disinfect
  • Can be colour-matched to corporate design specifications, even for single-item batches and components in different colours, e.g. carcasses and fronts
  • Generates an aesthetically appealing look in offices
  • Stands for precision. Drawers, for example, retain their smooth action for many years.
  • Is 100 percent recyclable and has therefore the biggest advantage in terms of sustainability
  • Achieves a high sound absorption coefficient, equipped with acoustically absorptive fronts

The history of mauser

1929. Dr. Alfons Mauser.

mauser has constructed and produced high-quality steel furniture for more than eight decades. In 1929, mauser began its success story by building its first steel furniture, including the now well-known cantilever chairs, under the supervision of company founder Dr. Ing. Alfons Mauser.

The 1950s. The famous round-design desk by mauser begins its success.

In the fifties, new production engineering led to product expansion. The round-shaped desk by mauser, which is made of steel, became highly successful with its elegant design and took over executive offices and administrative areas in many industrial settings.

The roaring 60s and 70s. Capture of new markets.

After the years of economic success, quality brand mauser improved its performance further, regarding the equipment of offices, waiting areas, libraries, material stores and warehouses.

As of 1980. Modular interior furnishing systems.

In the 1980s, the product range was adapted to modern needs. mauser started manufacturing modular interior furnishing systems that were made of steel and especially designed for offices. Products ranged from workplace systems with container to variable cabinet systems. Furthermore, mauser manufactured flexible and space-saving integrated systems for warehouses and archives. mauser’s steel furniture and cabinets dating from then can still be found in many companies, owing to the excellent workmanship.

Nowadays. State-of-the-art solutions for more efficiency.

The space-saving mobile shelving system elegant move, the easy-stacking kontoro storage system using minimum space. Ergonomic stand/sit workplaces, which maintain the health of employees and support a dynamic way of working. Stationary and mobile shelving systems with the highest degree of variability. Integrated solutions for care and social facilities. The storage system element.x, which combines maximum modularity with elegant design and clear lines.
These are all examples of innovations that focus on modern demands and offer intelligent office furniture.
According to the motto: mauser – intelligent furniture.

A member of the Vauth-Sagel Group.

Since 2004, mauser has become a member of the internationally operating company Vauth-Sagel Group that employs more than 850 people. At 4 national locations (Brakel-Erkeln, Paderborn, Korbach, Beverungen), more than 90 million quality products ‘Made in Germany’ are manufactured each year.
For more than 50 years, the owner-operated company Vauth-Sagel has been developing, manufacturing and distributing cross-material system components for the sectors ‘Medical/Care’, ‘Automotive’, and ‘Caravaning’ and the kitchen as well as furniture industry. Thereby, Vauth-Sagel has a broad knowledge of processing wire, steel, wood and synthetics. This results in constant technological and economical synergies for Vauth-Sagel and mauser.

Mission Statement

Mauser’s project and property expertise – creative concepts for demanding customers. The basis for professional advice is always the property – and nothing else. The furnishing and equipment is defined by its character, its architecture, its materials, its colour climate and various process flows for the people that work there. These factors are important to the planners at mauser. Only when they know the property inside out with all its needs, they will design appropriate and creative recommendations for customers. Then it is time for planning proposals, positioning plans, sample productions, offers and more.
In previous years, mauser has impressed more and more building owners, architects, planners, chief administrators, facility managers and sales partners with its project and property expertise.


mauser is active in various companies and organisations that concentrate on the latest design, market and technology trends in offices, workshops, storage and archives. This contributes to the constant development of new customer-oriented quality products. Moreover, promoting new talent is of key importance to mauser and the Vauth-Sagel Group. Dr. Sagel supports this matter as a member of board of the associations ‘Wirtschaftsinitiative Kreis Höxter e.V. and ‘Natur und Technik e.V.’.


‘Being prepared is good, being able to wait is better and using the right moment is everything. Our employees are the most important success factor of our company. To meet the demands of the market we constantly expand our teams, for example in the sales and service department, in order to keep up with the fast growing number of customers and sales partners and to ensure that they receive the best possible customer service. This means that there are a lot of career opportunities at mauser. Use the right moment and send us your application.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Dr. Martin Sagel, Managing Director


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We are always there for you.

Being there for our customers and sales partners is important to us. Therefore, we are always available for you, even after the award of contract. When you call mauser, we will make sure that you get connected to the right person to answer all your questions.

So why not send us an email, call us or visit us in person – we look forward to hearing from you.