The DIN EN ISO 9001 standard defines the minimum requirements for a quality management system (QM system). A company needs to meet these requirements in order to offer products and services which fulfil customer expectations and applicable regulatory requirements. At the same time, the management system is subject to a continuous improvement process.

DIN EN ISO 13485

Following closely the ISO 9001 standard, the ISO 13485 standard regulates the requirements for a comprehensive management system regarding the design and manufacture of medical products. While the ISO 9001 standard lays down the requirement that the company must strive for continuous improvement, the focus of the ISO 13485 is on product safety.

DIN EN ISO 14001

The ISO 14001 international environmental management standard specifies requirements for a globally recognised environmental management system. The standard can be applied to both manufacturing and service companies. In order to be able to achieve the desired environmental performance, the company is supposed to develop and implement an environmental management system based on its environmental policy. Continuous improvement is expected to be achieved by continuously reviewing the defined environmental goals and the environmental management system.

EN ISO 14001:2015-certified

DIN EN ISO 50001

The internationally recognised ISO 50001 norm supports organisations and companies in developing a systematic energy management. It should improve their energy efficiency, lower energy costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, the energy management system makes an important contribution to environmental and climate protection.

DIN EN ISO 50001-certified

GS Mark

The GS Mark is not a comprehensive quality mark that indicates anything about the life cycle of a product or its performance, but a real safety mark. It confirms the product’s compliance with all legal regulations and product safety for the consumer. Consumers of a GS marked product can expect that neither their safety nor their health is at risk when using the product as intended.

Quality Office

Quality Office is the only quality label that considers all criteria of contemporary office equipment. It is based on the experience of five renowned institutions, which jointly published clear guidelines. All products with the Quality Office label are GS approved.

LGA Tested for Hazardous Substances

The certificate ‘Tested for Hazardous Substances’ guarantees that the product of a manufacturer meets the statutory minimum requirements (e.g. Ordinance on Hazardous Substances, Chemicals Prohibition Ordinance) and further LGA test requirements regarding the pollutant content. Following the successful basic and qualification test, the manufacturing facility and its product are both monitored on an annual basis. The certificate was awarded to the storage systems kontoro, sistemare and element.x, the cabinet systems line, kontoro and sistemare, as well as the workplace systems arcos and varitos.c.

RAL-RG 614 Quality Assurance for Storage and Operating Facilities

Only manufacturers of shelving systems that comply with the detailed quality and inspection regulations may mark their products with the RAL-RG 614 seal of quality. Customers can be sure to receive products meeting the highest requirements and corresponding to the state of the art.

Customer Certificates

Many internationally operating companies award certificates to their suppliers and trading partners in order to ensure that their own internal quality standards are met in the supply chain and technical infrastructure.
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