Steel furniture – from mauser of course

Steel – only a few people in the world know how to handle it properly. Experts like mauser einrichtungssysteme, who have been manufacturing steel office furniture since 1929, master it. Steel is very challenging to process, but also very reliable:
  • Steel is strong. Steel furniture remains in perfect condition – even after a large number of relocations.
  • Steel is elegant. Slim lines, precise radii – steel offers unlimited possibilities for designers.
  • Steel stays in shape. Even after decades shelves do not sag.
  • Steel stays clean. Steel furniture ensures maximum hygiene, as it can be easily cleaned and disinfected.
  • Steel is colourful. Steel furniture is available in various colours and adaptable to individual demands.
  • Steel does not burn. A well-known fact, but also very important regarding fire requirements.
  • Steel is unique. Steel furniture can be designed progressively and boldly.
  • Steel is quiet. Steel furniture equipped with acoustically effective features is a real sound absorber.
  • Steel does not age. Even after decades it remains fully operational.
  • Steel is precise. Self-closing mechanism and cabinet doors permanently lock in place quietly.
  • Steel is flexible. No matter how often the inside of steel furniture is redesigned.
  • Steel is neutral. Steel furniture flexibly adapts to any style. It is aesthetic and pure.
  • Steel is environmentally friendly. It can be recycled over and over again.
  • Steel is mauser. Steel furniture has been mauser’s profession for more than 80 years.
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