ASB Health Centre Ulm

Privacy in a community

mauser achieved to combine these two contrasts with each other. The new ASB health centre in Ulm offers its residents the comfort of a separate living area, owing to the decentralisation of the basic structure. The barrier between living and care is lifted, creating a comfortable atmosphere for both, residents and care personnel.

Enjoying the sunset years despite inpatient care

Nowadays, assisted living does no longer mean giving up one’s own private place of retreat. While planning the health centre’s stationary housing communities, this guiding principle was paramount. Situated in the Brauerviertel of Ulm and linked to the ASB health centre, an ideal living solution for those in need of care was created.

Interior design

A common catering section for two housing communities was created in the central area. This area was advantageously separated from the residential groups, ensuring that the institutional functional zones do not interfere with the character of the housing communities.
According to their theme, the eight living areas were creatively organised. The elements (water, fire, light, air, earth, stone, plants, and fruit) formed the basis of the concept and were characteristically linked to sociocultural and site-specific conditions. It created an integrated material / colour concept through to the implementation of thematically related artistic image compositions.
The combination of an active community with participation in supply activities, rest and relaxation forms the core area of the housing communities. Targeting dementia, an orienting structure and identification in floor covering, textile decorations, upholstery fabric as well as wood and wall surfaces could be achieved.
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