Public Areas

The foyer is the business card of every institution. Depending on the interior design, counters and extension furniture are integrated in the overall architectural concept and form the central point of approach. The reception is the starting point of the management system for residents, visitors and staff. The foyer’s comfortable upholstered furniture offers a first impression and supports the marketing concept.
The floor and access areas connect public and private rooms as well as functional and working areas and create exciting ways through the house. The use of colour accents in relation to the walls and floors in the building offers an important orientation guide – in this way, areas of activity, relaxation and rest are being created, which help maintain social relationships within a community. Rail systems, wall panels and individual extension components support physical activity and add safety.
The residential and kitchen areas are places where people can meet and communicate. The aim is to get the residents actively involved in the community and make it easier for the nursing staff to care for them. The homely design of the public areas invites people to stay longer and serves as an extension of the personal living space. mauser Care offers the matching seating furniture and tables, cupboard and partition walls, sideboards and occasional furniture. The right choice of decorations and images creates a familiar environment in the activity centre.
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